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  Hebei Derun Standard Component Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in producing fastener and standard component in grade 4.8, grade 8.8, grade 10.9, grade 12.9, etc, including BS (British standard), ANS (America national standard), DIN (deutsche industrie norm), JIS (Japanese industrial Standard), RS (Russian standard), GB30-76 bolt, new GB 5781 bolt, 5782 bolt,57823 bolt, 5784 bolt, 5785 bolt, bright-bolt, square head bolt, hexagonal bolt, large hexagonal bolt, hot striking boltsteal structure bolt, sets of high strength bolts for steel structures, high strength bolt, railway bolt, automobile standard component, new GB standard component, pipe standard component, shrinking screw, foursquare screw, anchor screw, double head screw, square head screw, fishtail screw, goose egg liked screw, full-grain screw, gib-head screw, backrest screw, hinged screw, stud welding, clevis pin, etc.
   With strong ability, advanced technique, and superior equipment, our company is one of the largest standard component manufacturing ones in our nation. There are three branches in Handan, Shahe, Yongnian of Hebei, which provide more than 10 production lines for professional steel structure bolt, high strength bolt, railway bolt, rail spike, automobile standard component, new GB standard component, shrinking screw, and different kinds of nuts, stud welding, etc. Besides there are complete quality measurement & control equipment with professional system lead directly by our manger. Company gained ISO9001:2000 international quality and management system certificate, and was awarded as the ^Observe Contracts and Keep Promises Company ̄, as well as the ^Quality and Credit Guarantee Company ̄.
  Our products are widely used in metal mechanism, electron instrument, household electrical appliance, textile machinery, food machinery, cars manufacture, air compressor sets, boiler, tower crane, steel structure, railway, engineer machinery, etc, and some other products are ordered to support some well-known automobile manufacture, railway engineering bureau, textile machinery manufacturing company, large scale farm machinery manufacturing company, etc. Its yearly capacity has reached more than 10000 tons, and sales value reached about 0.1 billion, and its products are sold to our mainland, Europe, America, etc.
  In all, we are accredited for stabile quality, reasonable price, and reliable compound parts. Our general manager Mr. ZHANG Xianle and all the stuff sincerely appreciate your care and support to our products. Besides, based on our excellent quality and service, we will join together with all the customers from home and abroad to create a bright future!


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